How to Fix Windshield Wipers

The weather may be bright for the better part of the day. Suddenly, that dark cloud that has been looming decides to act. You turn on the wipers, and nothing happens. The rain drops start dancing on your windshield. All you can do is get out of the road and think hard and long seeĀ

Windshield wipers may need fixing, thanks a myriad of reasons. Some are complex, and others are easy.

Fixing And Troubleshooting Solutions For Windshields

Broken fuse

The wiper may not be working because of a broken fuse. As a matter of fact, fuses do not blow on their own. A blown fuse is an indication of bigger problems such as faulty wiring.

Remedy: Replacing the fuse with one that has an appropriate amp may get things moving.

Mechanicals of the wipers

The wiper may not be working because the mechanisms have an issue. For instance, it may be ice build up, lack of lubrication or corrosion. Loose joints will cause the wiper blade reviews to flop around or in worse case scenarios get tangled.

Remedy: Deal with the issue affecting the mechanism. It may be oiling or fixing that loose joint.

Motor woes

Before making the decision to buy new blades, determine if there is a problem with the wiper system. Get a diagram for the entire system and parse out how it works. Determine if the different windings are well supplied. Check the terminal for corrosions on the terminals. What is the state of the park wire?

REMEDY: reassemble if necessary. Ensure all parts are properly lubricated. Silicone grease works better compared to petroleum based grease. It damages the rubber parts.

For wipers with a friction fit:

  • Position the arms correctly
  • Cycle the power to the wipers to pack them
  • Attach the arms to the correct position and apply the lubricant.