Conair Garment Steamers

If you are like most people, the thought of having to iron your clothing everyday before work, church or other activities sounds like a total drag! In order to get wrinkle free clothing in minutes, without the hassle of pulling out an iron and ironing board you need the best garment steamer. Of the myriad of steamers one has to choose from in the store, Conair garment steamers are the way to go.

Why Conair?

Conair products have been leading the small appliance market since 1959, and are often thought of when looking for a top notch curling iron or hair dryer. The same attention to detail and quality they are known for carries into their line of garment steamers. In fact, they are the number one seller of garment steamers in the United States!

Conair Garment Steamers

Conair has several different garment steamers that range in price from $36.99 to $169.99. There are various sizes, so you can have one for travel or home. Such a selection also means that there is a garment steamer for any need or budget.

The $36.99 hand held steamer (click here) is designed to take up minimum space while still delivering a powerful steam and dewrinkling your clothing. It has 650 watts. It kills dust mites, bed bugs and removed odors all at the same time!! This is super convenient to pack for business trips or vacations so your clothes can go from suitcase wrinkles to sharp looking in minutes.

On the highest end is the Extreme Steam with Dual Heat Technology. This steamer stands up and has a built in hanger for total convenience. It heats up in 90 seconds and can continue steaming for a full hour! It also gets 40% hotter than other steamers, making it quicker to use.

With these two great examples of Conair Garment Steamers you can know they have a garment steamer for you! No matter what your need is, there is a Conair steamer to meet it.